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RetroQuest server only supports the RetroQuest client files located here: client files

It is recommended to extract the game files to the root of a hard drive for example c:\retroquest or d:\retroquest this will avoid issues with UI settings, keymap, and logs not saving etc.

Advanced help

For the patcher to work correctly you may need to install .net 4.5 and Windows Framework 4.0.

.Net 4.5:

Windows Framework 4.0:

If you get this error:

The code execution could not proceed because VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found.

Install this:

If you get this error:

The code execution cannot proceed because d3dx9_30.dll was not found.

Install this:

Login Server Issues

Occasionally the Eqemu login server bugs out, you will get an error message when selecting play on our server. You can verify it is a login server issue by trying to play on another server, you will get the same error message. You will need to wait until the issue is resolved.