Server Commands

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How To

Use /say <command> to execute a custom server command.

Available Commands

Show detailed information on your character's stats

 #mystats (targeting self)

Show detailed information on your pet's stats

 #mystats (targeting pet)

Shrink yourself, your group, or your raid

 +shrinkme (2 platinum)
 +shrinkparty (4 platinum)
 +shrinkraid (6 platinum)

Show and vote on hotzones


Show whether the targeted creature can be Dire Charmed (<= level 46)


Logged short duration warp for getting unstuck, logged and announced. Target a player or NPC and type.


Attempt to retrieve an out of bounds or un-lootable NPC corpse.


Show server uptime


Show dark crystal users


Receive buffs from players memorized spells in Nexus

 +buffme+spell number+donation amount (platinum, optional)