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Server wide

  • Most no-trade items are now tradable, except Planes gear, and a few class items
  • Class / Race combinations have had their EXP Penalties removed. Go roll that Troll Shadow Knight!
  • Translocator in the Hub, will port you within a few zones of your destination zone.
  • HUB: In the commonlands zone by the Shady Swashbuckler, there is something like a Base of operations. You can do most trade skills here, as well as use the auction Ogre! There is a Translocator, Banker, Vendors, and entrance to the Nexus if you want to preserve buffs.
  • Auction Ogre (Klob Pulp): You can have up to 20 items listed on the Auction Ogre at a time. Your items will be listed even while you're offline.
  • Local Assistants: There is a "Local Assistant" outside of each major city, that will port you to the Hub.
  • Tradeskills: This server uses the new trade skill system, with the searchable recipes (if you know them, or are close enough skill). You can auto combine and auto inventory your items, making Tradeskills much less of a hassle!


  • In some zones there is a quest giver (useing the Task system) which can reward you with good gear, and platinum.
  • Crushbone
  • Befallen
  • Kurn's tower
  • Upper Guk
  • Splitpaw
  • "and more"


  • Each class has an Armor quest line given by the class trainers. This armor is not as good as planes gear, and comparable to level 10-35 armor drops such as Rubicite (lvl 30 -50). These quests are worth doing, and will take a fair amount of time to complete.
  • Each class has been given a set of Auras, that the entire group will benefit from.


  • Each class has an Aura line of buffs that will benefit the whole group
  • The Bard Command /melody is in the game
  • Tinkerers can make a Jukebox, mini bard
  • KEYS: You have a keyring that will remember which keys you have used, so you do not need to keep them in your bags, store them in the Bank (AFTER you have used them)
  • Everyone has access to the Origin AA (hearthstones for you wow Nerds)