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Server Info

RetroQuest is an emulated EverQuest server with a focus on community, sharing and collaboration.

RetroQuest targets casual players and attempts to discourage otherwise un-fun attributes of the original game. Game mechanics and features skew towards promoting group and collaborative play. EXP rates and class auras favor full parties of diverse classes. Underwhelming classic classes have been re-balanced with additional tool sets. Some good ideas the original developers had which were created in out of era expansions are enabled in RetroQuest. RetroQuest's difficulty is well below p99's difficulty but is more difficult than other emulated servers such as the original IxiQuest server. RetroQuest is not a server that caters to soloing to the top (soloing raid bosses, etc). Achieving a top tier character will require working together with others.

See the About RetroQuest page or visit for more information.

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