Keys and Doors

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RetroQuest Keys and Doors info

  • Spririt Wracked Cord is a key for Chardok library door. Equip and click the door (key will be added to keyring)
  • Sebilis doors to crypt are permanently unlocked.
  • City of Mist no longer requires any keys for any doors.
  • Sebilis has a frog outside you can hail instead of clicking the orb (Still requires a key).
  • Skyshrine rock / door to Cobalt Scar moves the whole group to Cobalt Scar.
  • Skyshrine key (quested version) give a targetable translocate to Skyshrine clicky.
  • The door / rock entrance to the Hole is permanently unlocked.
  • Tower of frozen Shadows is a completely revamped zone, with it's own set of keys.
  • Charasis (Howling Stones) still requires the quested key to enter. Temporary keys are now permanent and key-chainable.
  • Sleeper's Tomb still requires a key to enter.
  • Veeshan's Peak still requires a key to enter.