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Instancing Guide

  • Instances can be found inside select areas, currently instances can be created for Trakanon, Lord Nagafen, Lady Vox, Baglaron (Nadox), Wall of Slaughter, Plane of Hate, Plane of Fear, Overthere, Hole, Kael, Thurgadinb, Skyshrine, Velketor, Necropolis and Sleeper.
  • The time an instance lasts can vary from 3 hours to 6 hours.
  • Only a raid leader can create an instance and must meet the minimum player requirements. Once you zone into an instance 2 timers are started, an instance lockout timer which can last days and a timer that determines how long you can get back into a particular instance if you leave it, zone out or die. This second timer will allow you to get back into that instance until the instance expires. Simply go back to the Shrell where you originally entered and say "join".
  • Raid leaders can use the refresh command at the instance NPC or use refresh+ instance command from within the instanced zone to give any newly added players to the raid access to the instance. The added player(s) will need to find the and say "join" to the Shrell that matches the instance to enter it.
  • Players can remove themselves from an instance and join another raid granted they haven't zoned into the instance and triggered a lockout timer. Once you have entered an instance you will only be able to return to that specific one, and if you choose to remove yourself you will be locked out completely.
  • Corpses left in an expired instance or an instance they are locked out from will need to be summoned with corpse services in the hub.
  • You will not be able to enter an instance for certain mobs if the non-instanced mob is still spawned (currently nag, vox, trak).
  • When you kill the mob (in or out of an instance) the guild and in most cases the character will be flagged with a lockout. This is to keep players from killing the non-instance and then immediately going to the instance for a second kill.
  • Planes instances will not have a guild lockout timer, will not get a lockout timer for killing in a non-instance, and will only get a lockout after entering an instanced plane. But this is subject to change should issues arise.
  • You can check personal and guild lockout timers and any current instances you have open by hailing Shrell in the hub, or any other Shrell you find throughout the world and saying "timer".