Group EXP Bonus buff for 4 or more players

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Random group Exp Buffing

Group xp song.jpg

Get your friends or discover new ones! Rally to the Call!

This Group buff also stacks with Personal Exp Potions and Group Exp potions! Every zone is a hot zone, with friends!

  • When in a group of 4 player characters or more, there is a chance after each mob slain to gain a group Exp buff!
  • The Rates are 4 players = the group Buff will be an added 6% for everyone, while the buff is active
  • Rates of 5 players = a 8% group Exp buff!
  • Rates of 6 players = an 10% group Exp buff!

The odds of getting the buff will increase as your number of group members increases

  • 4 Members will have a 9.6% chance each kill.
  • 5 Members will have a 11% chance each kill.
  • 6 Members will have an 16% chance each kill.

* The Group buff will show up in the Song window, and looks like a dragon head! (everyone can see the buff)

  • Only the player who's number turned up correct will see the notice, tell you the group gets the buff!
  • pay attention to the song window, the buff lasts for 10 minutes
Group exp song and buff.jpg

The group must stay together and be in the same zone

  • If a group gains the buff, and you leave the zone (or die) you will lose the song/buff
  • The buff only works in the zone you activated it in:
  • no killing a bunch of lvl 1 noob mobs, and then going to a dungeon
  • If you leave the zone you do not benefit from the song/buff.
  • chance is determined by who is in your group, in the same zone.