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Foci are effects on items that give bonuses to your spell-casting ability. There are several basic categories of foci:

  • Improved Damage
  • Burning Affliction
  • Extended Duration
  • Extended Range
  • Improved Healing
  • Mana Preservation
  • Spell Haste
  • Regent Conservation
  • Pet Focus

Each category of focus is further subdivided by strength of effect, type of effect, and level that effect applies to. All foci have an upper level bound; Improved Damage I only works on spells 1-20, Improved Damage II only works on spells 1-40, and so on. Foci have decreased performance when used on spells higher than their maximum level. Each level above the focus that the spell is (the spell, not the caster) the focus will provide 5% less performance. (This is as a % of the focus, not as an absolute. So, a 50% focus being used on a spell one level too high provides a 47.5% boost.) Some foci only apply to a specific subset of spells; Gelidran Rage only works on cold spells, while Pyrilen Rage only works on fire spells. It is very common for effects to only work on beneficial or detrimental effects.

Improved Damage

Increases the power of direct damage (DD) spells.

Name % Target Resist Level Items
Improved Damage I 15 Single Any 20 Chloride Charm II
Improved Damage II 15 Single Any 40 Chloride Charm III
Improved Damage III 15 Single Any 60 Bracelet of Lost Souls, Chloride Charm IV, Defaced Veil, Fedora Secundae, Harla Dar's Talisman, Mask of the Dragon Slayer, Suspended Wurm Blood, White Dragonscale Cloak, Fiery Twisted Earring
Improved Damage IV 15 Single Any 65 Chloride Charm V, Signet of Betrayal
Improved Damage V 15 Single Any 70 Chloride Charm VI
Enchantment of Destruction 20 Single Any 65 Grimoire of Enchantment
Disease Damage 20 20 Single Disease 60 Silent Chain Coif
Secret of Power 23 Single Any 65 Leggings of Secrets
Anger of Druzzil 23 Single Magic 65 Glowing Steel Shim
Anger of Ro 23 Single Fire 65
Magic Damage 25 25 Single Magic 80 Silent Plate Helm
Insidious Dreams 26 Single Magic 65 Boots of Silent Dreams
Focus of Flame 26 Single Fire 65 Ring of Flamewarding
Chill of the Umbra 26 Single Cold 65 Umbracite Hoop
Fury of Druzzil 30 Single Magic 67 Belt of the Sky
Fury of Ro 30 Single Fire 67 Necklace of the Peak, Ring of the Skywing
Fury of E`ci 30 Single Cold 67 Azure Ring of Balance

Burning Affliction

Increases the power of damage over time (DoT) spells.

Name % Resist Min Duration Level Items
Burning Affliction I 10 Any 24 Seconds 20 Thiamin Charm II
Burning Affliction II 10 Any 24 Seconds 40 Thiamin Charm III
Burning Affliction III 10 Any 24 Seconds 60 Bone-Clasped Girdle, Bracelet of the Deep Sea
Burning Affliction IV 10 Any 24 Seconds 65 Thiamin Charm IV
Burning Affliction V 23 Any 24 Seconds 70 Thiamin Charm V
Burning Affliction VI 24 Any 24 Seconds 70 Thiamin Charm VI
Accursed Affliction 20 Any 24 Seconds 65 Staff of Lost Rituals
Simmering Fire 22 Fire 30 Seconds 60 Defiled Talisman of Vhal Sera
Burning Magic 40 Magic 30 Seconds 67 Mantle of Magic

Extended Duration

Increases the duration spells.

Name % Type Min Duration Level Items
Extended Enhancement I 15 Beneficial 24 Seconds 20 Damask Robe, Lockjaw Hide Vest, Shazda Turban
Extended Enhancement II 15 Beneficial 24 Seconds 44 Batfang Headband, Clawed Knuckle-Ring, Drakescale Belt, Totemic Breastplate
Extended Enhancement III 15 Beneficial 24 Seconds 60 Amulet of Insight, Dragon Scaled Mask, Fascia Secundae, Holy Writ of the Devout, Rokyls Channelling Crystal
Extended Enhancement IV 15 Beneficial 24 Seconds 65 Chetari Fetish of Dark Tidings, Trinket of Life
Zephyr of Brell 20 Beneficial 24 Seconds 65 Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl
Focus of Mediocrity 15 All 24 Seconds 65 Crown of Ambivalence

Extended Range

Increases the range of spells.

Name % Type Level Items
Extended Range I 15 All 20 Drake-hide Sleeves, Elven Charm Necklace, Glowing Bone Collar
Extended Range II 15 All 44 Fancy Velvet Mantle, Golden Bracer, Moonstone Ring, Shimmering Terror Hide Boots
Extended Range III 15 All 60 Cryosilk Sash, Drachnid Thyxl, Glowing Amber Band, Moss Covered Hood, Reliant Cap of the Kin, Square Helm, Supple Scale Armband
Extended Range IV 15 All 65 Icewurm Girdle, Wristguard of N`Zik
Starfall Symbol 15 All 65 Bracer of the Silent Star
Focus of Distance 20 All 65 Wristband of Judgement

Improved Healing

Increases the power of healing spells.

Name % Target Level Items
Minor Improved Healing I 10 Single 10 Calcium Charm II
Improved Healing I 10 Single 20 Medicine Totem, Turtleshell Helm, Zaharn's Coronet
Improved Healing II 10 Single 44 Book of Obulus, Frakadar's Talisman, Meditative Blanket,
Improved Healing III 10 Single 60 Calcium Charm III, Idol of the Underking, Mask of Fall, Shroud of Veeshan
Improved Healing IV 10 Single 65 Calcium Charm IV, Calcium Charm V, Defiled Fingerbone Necklace, Defiled Tserrina's Symbol, Polished Smoothmetal Torque, Splinted Grimlinghide Cloak
Improved Healing V 20 Single 70 Calcium Charm VI
Touch of Judgment 23 Single 65 Leggings of Judgment

Mana Preservation

Reduces the mana cost of spells.

Name % Type Level Items
Mana Preservation I 10 All 20 Cougar Claw Earring, Platinum Armband, Polished Bone Hoop
Mana Preservation II 10 All 40 Black Alloy Medallion, Frozen Shadow Chain Chestguard, Silver Dragon Tattoo, Shield of the Mist
Mana Preservation III 10 All 60 Crystalline Torque, Decisive Boots of the Kin, Nevederia's Left Eye, Obulus Death Shroud, Sky Watcher's Monocle
Mana Preservation IV 10 All 65 Beacon of Loathing, Ceremonial Kylong Shroud, Fuse Mnemonic of Khati Sha, Neckguard of the Defiled, Neckguard of N`Zik, Wyvern Bone Ring
Mana Preservation V 10 All 70 Hoop of the Dark Prince, Siren's Eye Amulet
Obsidian Requiem 10 All 65 Obsidian Necklace
Focus of the Orb 12 All 65 Orb of Secrets
Preservation Of Xegony 15 All 67 Defiled Crystallized Shadow Gloves
Preservation of the Akheva 18 All 65 Mask of Judgement, Mask of Secrets
Affliction Efficiency I 10 Long Term Detrimental 20 Diamondine Earring, Impskin Gloves, Polished Bone Bracelet
Affliction Efficiency II 10 Long Term Detrimental 44 Chipped Bone Bracelet, Squallsurge Shawl, White Gold Necklace
Affliction Efficiency III 10 Long Term Detrimental 60 Band of Twilight, Boots of Superiority, Boots of the Dead Dream, Gem Encrusted Ring, Talisman of Evasion
Affliction Efficiency IV 10 Long Term Detrimental 65 Bone Ring of the Death Ward, Manual of Malady
Pernicious Focus 30 Long Term Detrimental 65 Bracelet of Darkness
Conservation of Bertoxxulous 30 Long Term Detrimental 67 Earring of Temporal Solstice
Summoning Efficiency I 25 Summon Pet 20 Band of Flesh, Dusty Bloodstained Gloves, Gossamer Robe
Summoning Efficiency II 25 Summon Pet 44 Di`zok Begirding, Embroidered Black Sleeves, Robe of the Ishva
Summoning Efficiency III 25 Summon Pet 60 Circlet of Summer, Enshrouded Veil, Overseer`s Signet
Reanimation Efficiency III 25 Summon Undead 60 Crown of Resiliance, Mask of Pulchritude, Onyx Gauntlets
Focus of Solusek 10 Detrimental 65 Arcanist's Headband, Darkfelt Robes
Detrimental Mana Pres 13 13 Detrimental 80 Ningen No Zubon
Alluring Preservation 15 Detrimental 65 Robe of Luring Shadows
Wind of Mana 20 Detrimental 65 Boots of the Wind
Sanguine Enchantment 15 Beneficial 65 Sanguine Eyepatch
Darkened Preservation 20 Long Term Beneficial 65 Darkened Claw Amulet
Sanguine Preservation 40 Self Beneficial 65 Sanguine Robe

Spell Haste

Reduces the cast time of spells.

Name % Type Min Cast Time Min Duration Level Items
Spell Haste I 5 All 1.0 Seconds - 20 Beaded Slime Necklace, Bracelet of Woven Grass, Gilded Cloth, Wolf Fur Slippers
Spell Haste II 6 All 2.0 Seconds - 44 Djarn's Amethyst Ring, Mithril-Runed Tunic, Necklace of Superiority, Shining Metallic Robes
Spell Haste III 7 All 3.0 Seconds - 60 Essence Lens, Frostreaver's Ebroidered Cloak, Hand of the Master, Mud Covered Leather Leggings, Ring of Dark Intellect, Valtron's Necklace of Wonder
Spell Haste IV 7 All 3.0 Seconds - 65 Azure Painted Mask, Bloodgill Shaman's Staff, Cracked Bone Ornament, Half Spiked Sprocket, Necklace of the Magistrate, Sparkling Necklace of the Chosen
Contemplative Alacrity 15 All 3.0 Seconds - 65 Book of Contemplation
Conundrum of Speed 15 All 3.0 Seconds - 65 Wristband of Secrets
Speeding Thought 18 All 3.0 Seconds - 65 Mask of Dark Thoughts
Affliction Haste I 33 Long Term Detrimental 1.0 Seconds 30 Seconds 20 Crown of Below, Granite Bracer, Polished Stone Anklet, Ring of Goblin Lords
Affliction Haste II 33 Long Term Detrimental 2.0 Seconds 30 Seconds 44 Chrysoberyl Talisman, Green Silken Drape, Iksar Hide Boots, Silken Cat-fur Girdle
Affliction Haste III 33 Long Term Detrimental 3.0 Seconds 30 Seconds 60 Bracelet of the Sky, Circlet of the Falinkan, Surreptitous Brooch
Haste of Solusek 15 Detrimental 3.0 Seconds - 65 Torn Silk Cloth
Detrimental Haste 15 L60 15 Detrimental 3.0 Seconds - 65 Enchanted Leather Leggings
Blaze of the Lightbringer 20 Detrimental 3.0 Seconds - 65 Lightbringer's Earring
Shade Stone Focus 20 Direct Damage 3.0 Seconds - 65 Shade Stone Amulet
Haste of Mithaniel 20 Beneficial 3.0 Seconds - 65 Constricting Curiass
Meth 25 Beneficial 3.0 Seconds - 60 Kohada
Speed of Mithaniel 25 Beneficial 3.0 Seconds - 67 Hooded Sanguine Mantle
Wind of the Nightcrawler 30 Beneficial 3.0 Seconds - 65 Nightcrawler Leggings, Slippers of Dark Whispers
Whisper of the Sea Lost 39 Beneficial 3.0 Seconds - 65 Regurgitated Pirate's Hand
Enhancement Haste I 30 Long Term Beneficial 1.0 Seconds 72 Seconds 20 Braided Ivy Cords, Cape of Midnight Mist, Cat Skull Cap, Etched Iron Helm, Gatorscale Sleeves
Enhancement Haste II 30 Long Term Beneficial 2.0 Seconds 72 Seconds 44 Golden Efreeti Boots, Platinum Tiara, Sarnak Arcane Fetish
Enhancement Haste III 30 Long Term Beneficial 3.0 Seconds 72 Seconds 60 Ring of the Shissar, Yunnb's Earring
Enhancement Haste IV 30 Long Term Beneficial 3.0 Seconds 72 Seconds 65 Irate Teacher's Syllabus, Protective Dust Drape, Shining Shield of Divinity
Summoning Haste I 30 Summon Pet - - 20 Adamantite Band, Earring of Essence, Shimmering Orb
Summoning Haste II 30 Summon Pet - - 44 Sarnak Hide Boots
Summoning Haste III 30 Summon Pet - - 60 Brell's Girdle, Kobold Jester's Crown, Ring of Lightning
Summoning Haste IV 30 Summon Pet - - 65 Elemental Divining Rod
Reanimation Haste I 30 Summon Undead - - 20 Carved Ivory Mask, Ivory Bracelet, Nightshade Wreath
Reanimation Haste II 30 Summon Undead - - 44 Engraved Bone Pauldrons, Flayed Paebala Gloves, Robe of Enshroudment
Reanimation Haste III 30 Summon Undead - - 60 Grotesque Girdle, Slick Leather Courier`s Cape

Reagent Conservation

Gives a chance that a spell wont use a component.

Name % Level Items
Reagent Conservation I 15 20 Batskull Earring, Drake-hide Leggings, Happy Love Bracers
Reagent Conservation II 15 44 Amethyst Bracelet, Crown of Leaves, Fine Silk Turban, Savant's Cap
Reagent Conservation III 15 60 Iksar Hide Cap, Robe of the Kedge, Runed Mithril Bracer, Steel Wristband of Strategy

Pet Focus

Increses the power of summoned companions. This bonus applies to HP, AC, and ATK.

Name % Type Max Level Min Level Items
Courageous Minion 10 All 61 40 Donal's Leggings of Mourning, Eye of Cazic-Thule, Mithril Helm, Warhammer of Divine Grace
Minion of Hate 5 Undead 60 42 Encyclopedia Necrotheurgia, Fungus Infused Belt
Minion of Darkness 15 Undead 75 59 Doll of the Dead, Gloves of Dark Summoning


Other focus effects

Name Effect Items
Brilliance of Ro Increase effective casting level by 20 Aegis of Judgement, Crown of Energy, Scepter of Calekor, Tome of Secrets