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What is the boxing policy?

This is a 2-box server. In addition, players are allowed to log 1 additional character into The Hub (EC Tunnel), for buffing purposes only.

What third-party programs are allowed?

Any 3rd party programs that automate control of your character, allow you to bypass traditional game mechanics, or give you otherwise hidden information are NOT allowed. This includes programs such as MacroQuest (MQ) and ShowEQ. We have an active GM staff and you will be banned. Programs such as Gina (for alerts) and Gamparse (damage meters) are OK.

Do I need an IP exemption?

If you are playing with another person from the same household, no IP exemption is necessary. However, if it discovered one person is playing more than 2 characters at a time, enforcement action will be taken against your accounts.

Why should I play on this server? What's different about it?

For general info, see About RetroQuest

Class Changes

See Classes

Available Zones & Flagging

See Zone Access

Can I solo here or do I need to group for everything?

While you can definitely get by playing only one character, most players choose to play two. There is plenty of content here to keep any duo busy for a very long time, and some additional custom small-group content. While you may spend much of your time pre-40 playing primarily solo/duo, at 40+ and beyond you should not have a hard time finding a group and will be able to explore and tackle a wide variety of dungeon content.

What is a good class combination?

See this P99 Duo Ranking Chart

What's the best place to exp for my level?

See Beginner Guide

Where can I find XYZ spell/does it exist?

Generally, the information found on the IxiQuest Allaclone Spell List is accurate. However, some spells listed on the Allaclone may not actually be available. If you get stuck and aren't sure, ask around in Discord or in-game.

What about research and tradeskills?

Grinding research or other tradeskills is not necessary. All spells can be found either from vendors or world drops. If you are interested in other tradeskills, there is an NPC in many home cities who can level you past the normal cap with your training points.

My Everquest window has gone off to the side of my monitor, how can I get it back?

  • Hold Shift and Right Click on Everquest app on taskbar
  • Select "Move", or press M
  • Use arrow keys or move your mouse to change window position

Reference Threads:



What are some other useful resources?

How do I disable loud thunder sounds in rainy zones?

If you want to turn it off just edit SoundAssets.txt (In your EQ folder) and delete these 2 lines:

  • 143^thunder1.wav
  • 144^thunder2.wav

Can I see my faction standing somewhere?

Yes. On the Faction button of your Character Browser. For example: