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This page includes various expansion-specific information about what is available


All vanilla/classic zones are available.

  • Freeport is classic version
  • Cazic Thule (zone) is classic version
  • Warrens is available
  • The Hole is 1.0
  • Plane of Hate is 1.0.
    • You can port your group there by buying a token from vendor in The Hub and returning it to them.
  • Plane of Sky has a custom currency which can be used to purchase what you need from a vendor in the quest room.
    • You can port your group there by buying a token from vendor in The Hub and returning it to them.
  • Some zones have had their loot drops tweaked.

Kunark (We are here)

All Kunark zones are available.

Chardok is the original 1.0 version (non-revamp)

Custom zone Crypt of Nadox available from Mistmoore tower crystal.


All Velious zones is NOT yet available.

Sleeper's Tomb requires a key.

Killing Warders spawns Kerafyrm (custom encounter), and Kerafyrm will respawn after death.


Luclin is not yet available.

New Spells & Abilities

There are a few ways to get those new AAs:

  • Obtain an IDAX potion and use it
  • Farm the necessary AA requirements (100 AAs per rank)

General Guidance:

  • Farm PoP tokens until you have the spells and (rank 5) abilities you want
  • Use IDAX or spend 100 AA for rank 6-8


  • IDAX stands for Ixiquest Dynamic Advanced eXperience!
  • Consuming the IDAX will use it up and grant you the associated ability, as well as a large amount of (spent) AA points
  • IDAX come in 3 levels: Minor, Normal, and Advanced
    • You can purchase Minor and Advanced IDAX from Hrelic Reista in Plane of Tranquility for PoP tokens
    • PoP raid encounters can drop IDAX of various types. This is the only way to obtain some IDAX

PoP Tokens

  • PoP Spells and some IDAX can be purchased via PoP coins
    • To get PoP coins, you need PoP tokens
    • Tokens drop in PoP zones off mobs level 58+ (chance increases with mob difficulty)
  • Speak to Hrelic Reista in Plane of Tranquility to purchase IDAX, buy PoP era spells or convert tokens to coins.
    • Requires 200 AA's total to interact with the NPC
    • Requires AA's purchased up to currently available level for each AA.
  • PoP Token Value:
 +PoP Token (Minor) = 1 PoP Coin
 +PoP Token (Major) = 5 PoP Coins
 +PoP Token (Adv) = 1 Adv PoP Coin
  • Normal PoP Coin - Available Spells & Abilities(5 PoP Coin Per):
 +Some Level 61 and 62 PoP spells
 +Mental Clarity (minor) (up to level 5)
 +Combat Agility (minor) (up to level 5)
 +Combat Stability (minor)(up to level 5)
  • Advanced PoP Coin - Available Spells & Abilities(1 Adv Coin Per):
 +Some Level 63 spells
 +Some class IDAX

Raid Drop Idax Upgrades

  • IDAX listed above can also drop from many PoP raid encounters
  • Raid Drop Only Idax - Available Spells & Abilities:
 +Mental Clarity (up to level 8)
 +Combat Agility (up to level 8)
 +Combat Stability (up to level 8)
 +Planar Power (up to level 10)
 +Mystical Attuning (up to level 6)


  • Each character must have an Adventurer's Stone (can be in the bank)
  • Adventurer's Stone can be purchased from LDON merchant in The Hub, near training dummies
  • Minimum group size to get an LDON adventure is 4
  • Adventures are available in Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Successful completion will reward LDON points. Check the vendors for what is available