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Dark Crystal is an optional PVP mechanic for special rewards.

  • A dark crystal can drop off mobs 50+ randomly
  • You can choose to use the Dark Powers charge or just wield it in your primary or secondary slot for up to 5 days.
  • If you choose to use the Dark Powers charge you will go PVP and one out of every six (random) mobs you kill 7 levels below you or stronger will grant you a dark currency which can be spent on custom items this lasts for 3 days. You do not need to wield the item for Dark Powers to remain active.
  • If you remove your PVP status the item will be removed and you will cease to gain currency. PVP status can only be removed from the hub and so the item and status will be removed as soon as you zone out of the hub if you turned off pvp status.
  • If a PVP player kills you, they will gain the item, with your remaining time and the ability to harvest currency from mobs. You will lose the item and the ability to gain currency from mobs.
  • If you have killed someone and obtained Dark Powers this will only last for the whatever the duration left was for the player you took it from (minus four hours), the time does not reset. You can wield and use Dark Powers for the remaining time. The item you received will have no charges of Dark Powers on it.
  • Only 5 Dark Powers can be active in the game at one time, if you receive the item and attempt to use the charge when there are 5 people already active you will get a message to try again later.
  • If you PVP a player with a dark crystal while you yourself already possess one, the victims item will poof and their remaining time for Dark Powers becomes yours, even if it is less time.
  • This is an entirely optional mechanism for rewards that have no other effect on the game besides the ability to make some money selling the items you gain. A user can choose to wield the item for 5 days without using dark powers, or simply destroy the item if they do not wish to participate. Whatever happens to you while you use it will not be remedied from a GM, and a GM will not referee actions that happen while a user is active PVP with Dark Powers.
  • Dark Crystal users will be announced when they logon and can be searched using the command +Crystal.

Note: If you kill dark crystal holder with a rage type pet, for example Incite Riot, or the Magician rage pet the kill may not count because of the inability to trace that kill back to the owner. Kills by standard pets should be fine.