Custom Encounters

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Raid Mobs
Spirit of the Griffin, East Commonlands, Low-Medium Difficulty
Twisted N`Zik, Overthere, Medium-High Difficulty
Collector Bjorn, Kael, Medium-High Difficulty
A Failed Experiment, Velketor, Medium-High Difficulty
The Mighty Froglok King, Lower Guk, Low-Medium Difficulty
Froak, Lower Guk, Low-Medium Difficulty
The Mighty King Tranix, SolB, Low-Medium Difficulty
Mushrot, Sebilis, Medium Difficulty
Soul Impaler, Shadowrest, Very High Difficulty
Mayong Mistmoore, Mistmoore, Medium Difficulty
Boondoggle, Befallen, Medium Difficulty
Orc Supreme, Crushbone, Medium Difficulty
Baglaron, Nadox, Medium-High Difficulty

Tower of Frozen Shadows, High-Very High Difficulty