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There are sixteen total classes in IxiQuest. Each class is separated one of four archetypes: Priest, Caster, Melee, and Hybrids.





List of AAs (Sort by Class)

  • DISCLAIMER: Not all of these are available in IxiQuest, an accurate list is being worked on.*

Class Titles

After level 50, each class acquires unique titles which are visible in /who.

Levels 1-50 Levels 51-54 Levels 55-59 Level 60 50 AA 100 AA 200 AA 300 AA 400 AA
Bard Minstrel Troubadour Virtuoso Poet Maven DJ Mozart
Beastlord Primalist Animist Savage Lord Wild Creature Kemono Critter King
Berserker Brawler Vehement Rager Violent Insane Homicidal Maniac Complete Psychopath
Cleric Vicar Templar High Priest Divine Angelic Plastic Surgeon Mother / Father
Druid Wanderer Preserver Hierophant Astrologer Naturalist Shizen Haruspex
Enchanter Illusionist Beguiler Phantasmist Clairvoyant Manipulator Error Altered Sanity
Magician Elementalist Conjurer Arch Mage Magian, Mastermind Extraordinary Taikoa Manifest Elements
Monk Disciple Master Grandmaster Mage Pet Judo Master Senpai 8 Pack ???
Necromancer Heretic Defiler Warlock Spectral Cursed Poltergeist Zombie
Paladin Cavalier Knight Crusader Revered Scrupulous, Gentleman Holy Roller God's Witness
Ranger Pathfinder Outrider Warder Warden Foxy Deadeye Silent Hawk
Rogue Rake Blackguard Assassin Swindler Repeat Offender Contract Killer Career Criminal
Shadow Knight Reaver Revenant Grave Lord Dark Evildoer Phantom Stalker Gangrenous
Shaman Mystic Luminary Oracle Medicine Man, Woman Pneuma Spirit Medium Obi
Warrior Champion Myrmidon Warlord Hero, Constable Blood Soaked Cause of Death Unstoppable
Wizard Channeler Evoker Sorcerer Hex Pyromaniac Big Boom Nuclear Holocaust