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Find out more here: https://ixiquest.com

Download our client and patcher: https://www.ixiquest.com/general-5-1

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/ngsz6fYTTJ

Visit our Alla Database: https://retro.ixiquest.com/alla/

  • TLP based on the original IxiQuest starting with Kunark.
  • 2Box limit
  • No cheating using 3rd party tools
  • Custom quests
  • Custom spells
  • Custom items
  • Custom auction house
  • Automated account transfer NPC
  • Most items droppable / tradeable
  • Curated Alternate Advancement
  • Variety of consumables for some melee classes for a temporary buff
  • Augmentation gems and gem exchange system
  • Revised class balance
  • Origin, and Pet Discipline at Lvl 1
  • No race restrictions on gear
  • Race change available for donation
  • Deity and origin change available
  • Beginner dungeons have micro quests for faster EXP and item rewards
  • QOL improvements
  • ROF2 Client (use the RetroQuest client download)
  • Toggle old / new spells and old / new models via the patcher
  • 30+ Custom Unique Augments
  • Friendly community